Chrissy is a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor who works from studios located within the Hedge End Golf Centre at Hedge End, Southampton.

Qualifying 10 years ago she works closely with many Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractioners in the area and enjoys working with clients for re-hab to International Sports people. Instruction is on a 1 2 1 private session / 1 -2 private session or in small groups
"Chrissy is thoroughly professional with a personal touch, and continues to be a crucial part of my overall wellbeing"
of up to 8, Chrissy works to re-balance posture, facilitate injury prevention and re-habilitation, improve general strength, flexibility and fitness. Sessions are fun, functional and multi-level and are tailored to the individual or group.

About Chrissy ...
Chrissy is one of 6 Stott Pilates Instructor Trainers in the U.K. and works with Stott Pilates delivering courses, workshops and examining students in the method across all pieces of equipment, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. She is registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals at Advanced Level 3.

Chrissy was a member of the British Olympic Windsurfing Team and has 3 World and many National Titles under her belt. She enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, horse riding and walking her dog in her free time. She also spends many hours supporting her teenage son Freddy who is a National Level competitive swimmer.
Client Testimonials
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Helen Bartlett
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I developed a back problem due to being hyper-mobile and doing the wrong type of exercise. It got so bad I was finding it painful to walk let alone do any exercise. Chrissy's knowledge of Pilates and excellent instruction has got me back to full fitness again. The pain has gone, I do less exercise and my body shape has changed for the better. She understands everyone's different needs in the class and is able to cater for everyone individually whilst still maintaining a flow. I love the way my body feels after a class with Chrissy, energised, aligned, stretched and firmer. I feel very lucky to be able to attend one of Chrissy's classes - she is genuinely passionate about Pilates and her knowledge of the human body is immense. Having done Pilates on and off over the past 15 years I can honestly say Chrissy is by far the best instructor I have ever had.
Susie Yates - Reformer ‘addict’
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Without my weekly ‘fix’ of straightening, lengthening and ‘re-setting’ with Chrissy my body would probably grind to a halt ! Boy do I know it when I’ve missed a week or two. Chrissy manages to combine an exercise packed hour which hits all the right spots with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. There is no one else out there with her depth and breadth of knowledge.
Lu Chignell
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Chrissy has been teaching me 1:1 Pilates for the last 4 years. I have known her for 6 years and initially she taught me group mat classes. My fundamental problems concern my back. I had back surgery 13 years ago and up until 5 years ago had been managing it through exercise, whilst remaining in various levels of pain. However after the birth of my second child I had constant pain. Whilst taking advice from various medical specialists and managing my pain with medication and cortisone injections they suggest I try careful exercise. I started with mat work Pilates and swimming but that only aggravated things. People could not accurately identify the problem, or isolate the reasons, either neural, muscle or structure and thus give me a definitive answer to the problem. It was 2 years ago that my pain specialist began to identify what was going on and then I decided to try 1:1 Stott Pilates. This structured and highly managed approach has re taught my muscles how to work properly built up good core stability and has enabled my body to work how it should. The years of pain meant that my body had compensated so much that movement patterns where all wrong and this was placing more pressure on my spine.

Chrissy is first class on a technical level. I have a very good understanding of my issues, and she firstly took time to understand them, but then built a bespoke program which surpassed anything, anyone, had done previously. Yet apart from a superb technical understanding, she has an empathy with people who have been in the depths of despair (having had specialists scratching their heads) which is very reassuring! Her ‘people skills’ are excellent. In the time I have known her I have managed to get control of my back, both physically in terms of pain, and mentally, which is credit to her.

The studio and equipment are fantastic, well looked after and the staff friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend her, she is thoroughly professional with a personal touch, and continues to be a crucial part of my overall wellbeing.
Nigel Guppy
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Some 5 years ago, at the age of 55, I was referred to Chrissy from my Osteopath as I was continually having severe back ache after playing hockey. I thought I would have to retire but I attended the classes regularly (important that you do) and here I am some 5 years later still playing. I have had 2 knee operations during this time (sport related) and each time the rehabilitation has been accelerated by attending classes as soon as was permitted after the operations. I just wish I had discovered the reformer version of Pilates in my early years and recommend it to all, at any age.
Professional Testimonials
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The Botley Chiropractic Clinic
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As a Chiropractor working at my own clinic in Botley, Hampshire, I was introduced to Chrissy's expertise by one of my patients. I saw how much progress that patient was making because Chrissy was able to analyse and work the precise muscle groups needed to enhance her chiropractic care. As Chrissy's student I have enjoyed working with her and benefited enormously from her excellent knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge. Her sense of humour and total commitment makes our weekly meetings immensely rewarding.

Pam Elkins BA BSc MCC Doctor of Chiropractic
Timberland Physiotherapy
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Chrissy is a highly skilled Pilates practitioner, who is client-centred and professional. I have experienced her Pilates instruction myself and found it to be excellent, both very informative and beneficial. Together, we have helped patients to better understand and more successfully manage their musculoskeletal problems. I have no hesitation in recommending Chrissy to anyone looking for a Pilates instructor.

Dean Phillips, Physiotherapist.
Student Testimonials
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Juliet Walker-Shepherd. BA, MCSP.
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Registered Instructor STOTT Pilates Mat work and Reformer, Cornwall, U.K.

I have known Chrissy Connelly since 2009. During this time she has been my Instructor Trainer for both the STOTT Pilates Intensive Mat and the STOTT Pilates Intensive Mat and Reformer courses.

Chrissy has an exceptional understanding of the STOTT Pilates material and clearly explains the work. Her ability to analyse and correct postural problems and technical difficulties with clarity and encouragement, and her professional commitment to the quality of her teaching has made my experience as a mature student an absorbing and enjoyable challenge.

Chrissy is an enthusiastic and inspirational mentor and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective student or client.
Clare Walters
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STOTT PILATES certified instructor, Herefordshire.

Chrissy is one of the most generous Instructor Trainers I have been taught by, and has great patience and tenacity when trying to help you to learn. I always feel reinvigorated after spending time under Chrissy's instruction, she inspires me to be the best I can be - even after an exam!
Emily AuClair
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Stott Pilates Certified Instructor.

I did my Essential and Intermediate Reformer course and exam with Chrissy in 2012. I really enjoyed the course. It has has taken my teaching and knowledge to a new level not only on the Reformer but has also improved how I teach and understand my mat work clients. I passed my exam and know I would not have done this without Chrissy's help and support.